Cut Dem is Dj and a producer from Sarajevo (ex Yu) who lives in Prague (CZ) since the 90s.
Djing since 95 and being a synonim of hip hop and funk progress in Czech Republic.
His iconic funk mixtape “Cut tru Mass” (2001) became an inspiration for many up and comming bboys and djs.
With his next succesfull mixtape “Cut the boom bap” (2004), Cut Dem brought together major rapers of eastern european scene.
Out of many productions his most popular has been “Kazdy do ma pozna/Posledni doberman/─îistychov” (2008).
Before return to Prague (2015) Cut Dem was a household name of the night club scene in the mediterranian.
Currently focus is on the audio-visual series of EPs and music videos “Aint got the funk”